Interview with the CEO of the WKL: Danny Galiart (1)

Are you happy with the tour and the results of the World Kiteboarding League?

I could not be more happy, we were okay to make some steps backwards this year. But the opposite happened!

What was the biggest challenges, you had to rise?

To convince the established parties that we, the riders and the management are able to do a better job than all the others did in the past.

„The new competition format makes the freestyle descipline ready for the Olympics“

What went really well?

The new competition format, with this format we are able to engage with our fans on the beach and on the live-stream. This is the life changer of the sport. And makes the freestyle discipline ready for the Olympics.

Did you expect that the WKL runs that way?

I know that we had a great product, but there was no concept behind it, I knew from the beginning that when we had the concept in place that the sport can compete with all the other major sports!

When you take a look back on the whole tour. What are you really proud of?

The riders, I’m proud of how united they stayed during the whole process, they have been tested big time, but they all stayed together! Some of the riders even funded the WKL financially.

„I am very proud of the collaboration with the riders“

What (kind of) influence does the rider had on the tour? Regarding the sporting elements of the tour we do almost everything by voting. The board Youri Zoon, Alex Pastor, Bruna Kajiya and Liam Whaley are on daily base in contact with us. And are leading in which direction we go with the sport!

An important team:

Sounds like a well-functioning overall concept. Would you say that the slogan of the tour: „The tour with only winners„ comes true?

I 100% still agree with it. The fans now have the livestream where they were hoping for. The riders are getting the benefits that they deserve. The event organizers have a better product what is easier to sell, and we have a management team that love what they are doing!

In the last year, the WKL had three World Cup Stops. Which one did you like the most?

I can not really point one of them out, but quality wise based on the recap and the livestream and the level of riding New Cal was the best!

What do you think about the World Cup on Fehmarn?

It was really nice to work with a professional organization, which always makes life a bit easier for us! It’s important for the sport that we have the right balance between commercial locations and locations with the ideal wind and water conditions like New Caledonia