Interview with the CEO of the WKL Danny Galiart (2)

Let’s take a look into the future. What can we expect?

What will happen is that there will be way more bonding and connection between riders and their fans. The riders will compete longer in the tour than before. The level of riding will even go up. And the sport will be displayed to a global audience and will attract the big sponsors. . Currently we have a possible reach of 35 million per event with the recap per event but to become a major player we have to expand to the: USA, Asia and Australia.

Can we also expect more competitions on the tour?

Sure. We will have a minimum of: Eight elite events, four big-air events, three Qualifier league events and one Junior world cup in Spain. And then there is the aim to run a country cup event similar to the Davis cup but then within one event!

In this year the tour was made especially for freestyler. Will you introduce foil, slalom or big air as a discipline in 2017?

We are extremely happy to have the world title rights as well for the Big air and as I said, we want to realize four big-air events. I personally would like to integrated big air within the freestyle. But this is something the riders do not want!

Ambitious plans. What kind of problems do you think you will have to deal with?

It’s always challenging to get the events that we are aiming for and to get the funding in place.

Kitesurfing is still a trend sport and grows continuously. How do you see the sportive possibilities?

We all know that this new format really suits the Olympics and I personally believe if we start for the bothem that we are able to pull this off. We saw it within skateboarding and surf that they were able to pull it off! As I said, Asia, the US and Australia have a great potential. Economic and sportive. There has never really been a talent program that was supported and integrated with the tour. The aim of the WKL is to start a talent program which will supply the tour with top riders from the USA, Asia and Australia within the coming 4 year.

How do you see the sportive possibilities? We all know that this new format really suits the Olympics and I personally believe if we start for the bothem that we are able to pull this of. We saw it within skateboarding and surf that they were able to pull it off!

Carlos Mario and Bruna Kajiya won the tour. Did they deserve it? For sure, Carlos is from another planet and is the new kid on the block. He is able to train more than a lot of the other riders, and has an unique talent! Bruna she is for me a champ on the water but even more off the water she has inspired so many people. We did not have Gisela nor Karolina within the tour this year. But the level of the riding within the girls division has never been so high!

Interview with the CEO of the WKL: Danny Galiart (1)

Are you happy with the tour and the results of the World Kiteboarding League?

I could not be more happy, we were okay to make some steps backwards this year. But the opposite happened!

What was the biggest challenges, you had to rise?

To convince the established parties that we, the riders and the management are able to do a better job than all the others did in the past.

„The new competition format makes the freestyle descipline ready for the Olympics“

What went really well?

The new competition format, with this format we are able to engage with our fans on the beach and on the live-stream. This is the life changer of the sport. And makes the freestyle discipline ready for the Olympics.

Did you expect that the WKL runs that way?

I know that we had a great product, but there was no concept behind it, I knew from the beginning that when we had the concept in place that the sport can compete with all the other major sports!

When you take a look back on the whole tour. What are you really proud of?

The riders, I’m proud of how united they stayed during the whole process, they have been tested big time, but they all stayed together! Some of the riders even funded the WKL financially.

„I am very proud of the collaboration with the riders“

What (kind of) influence does the rider had on the tour? Regarding the sporting elements of the tour we do almost everything by voting. The board Youri Zoon, Alex Pastor, Bruna Kajiya and Liam Whaley are on daily base in contact with us. And are leading in which direction we go with the sport!

An important team:

Sounds like a well-functioning overall concept. Would you say that the slogan of the tour: „The tour with only winners„ comes true?

I 100% still agree with it. The fans now have the livestream where they were hoping for. The riders are getting the benefits that they deserve. The event organizers have a better product what is easier to sell, and we have a management team that love what they are doing!

In the last year, the WKL had three World Cup Stops. Which one did you like the most?

I can not really point one of them out, but quality wise based on the recap and the livestream and the level of riding New Cal was the best!

What do you think about the World Cup on Fehmarn?

It was really nice to work with a professional organization, which always makes life a bit easier for us! It’s important for the sport that we have the right balance between commercial locations and locations with the ideal wind and water conditions like New Caledonia

Question and Answers with Hannah Whiteley

With whom do you want to change a day?

A professional snowboarder. Would be so nice to have a proper winter lifestyle for a day.

How does (in your opinion) a perfect day looks like?

My idea of a perfect day is appreciating and taking every opportunity that day has brought you. For example if it’s a beautiful sunny day I want to get out there and enjoy it with family and friends. Whether it be kitesurfing, cycling, taking a walk, skating or having a picnic. Just enjoying the moment. I don’t believe there is such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing. So if it’s a rainy day get waterproofed up and have an adventure. Sometimes I like to go caving when it’s raining as all the water gushes into the cave and creates a very atmospheric feeling, a magical scary kind of feeling going down into the unknown. Being out in the elements weather it’s rain or shine makes me feel very much alive and free. Take each day with both hands and make it one to remember.
Your biggest challenge in life?

A 13 mile bike ride I did on a unicycle. It was up and down some massive hills! Was a very big challenge on unicycles! If you have ever been on a unicycle you will know going down a hill is even more tiring than going up a hill!

Book or TV?


Germany or Spain?


Which song do you prefer these days?

My song choice is always changing I have a wide taste in music. From current chart hits to more heavy rock.

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The Kitesurf World Cup 2017 – Save the date

After its premiere in 2016, the Kitesurf World Cup will again take place on Fehmarn next year and will invite athletes and visitors to come to the Baltic Sea. And now, ladies and gentleman take out your calendars and sharp your pencils:

The Kitesurf World Cup 2017 will take place from 18. – 27. August 2017.

As last year, the world’s best kitesurfers will find their way to Fehmarn and will compete in the disciplines freestyle, slalom and foil. Aside the professionals, also hobby kiters and new starter have the chance to hit the water. The Kitelife Village will take place on the “Südstrand”, the Testival Area will be at Grüner Brink (ca. 15 minutes by car)

The Event-Campground will remain at the Kitesurf World Cup, too. Different to 2016, we will sell the “weekend tickets” a few weeks before the event. This way we can offer our fans and visitors, who working during the week, a better planning. If you are interested in staying in an apartment or hotel, you can contact the Tourismus-Service Fehmarn: 04371-506 333.

We are happy to see you again the next year and we are looking forward surpassing the number of 100.000 visitors and 125 competitors.

Questions and Answers with Annabel v. Westerop

In her youth, Annabel van Westerop won a silver medal in dressage riding at the world cup in Columbia, today, she is one of the best freestyler in the world and we are happy, that she answered our questions.

So turn on Catch and Release from Matt Simmons and enjoy the interview     

With whom do you want to change a day?

Anyone with an office job. I’d love to see how it feels to go to the office every day and then probably find out that it’s not for me 🙂

How does (in your opinion) a perfect day looks like?

An amazing kite session, hang out with some friends on the beach, and spend time with the family.

Your biggest challenge in life?

To think about the future 😉

Book or TV?


Germany or Spain?

Spain (sorry!)

Which song do you prefer these days?

Catch & Release

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Questions and Answers with Paula Novotná

Paula Novotná is one of the best kitesurfers in the Czech Republic and the current number two of the 2016 Clean Ocean Project Championship Tour. Novotná started kitesurfing when she was 14 and since that time she chose every possibility to go out on the water. In 2012 she became the junior freestyle champion, and in 2013 she celebrated her premiere at the PKRA World Tour.

23 days before the Pringles Kitesurf World Cup will open the gates, we asked her about her personal hero, who she thinks will be the next champion on Fehmarn and she told us in what situation she would like to have a sexy boyfriend…

With whom do you want to change a day?

With one of my best friends.

How does (in your opinion) a perfect day looks like?

I would wake up around 7-8, go for a nice morning run without wind. Than do a little yoga or stretching session. Enjoy nice and healthy breakfast. Do some emails, work and have the whole day reserved for some nice kite sessions and time with my friends on the beach and on the water. I enjoy going out for nice dinners, with friends and just enjoy life and be happy.

Your biggest challenge in life?

I think I still have to search for the biggest challenge. I would love to win a World Tour one day and land a double handlepass, what I am working on at the moment.

Book or TV?

I prefer TV. I am not so patient with a book in my hands.

Three of your daily habits?

I love to run or do yoga in the mornings.

I like to kite a lot, if it’s windy, you will find me playing in the ocean.

I like to eat healthy, make healthy food and take care of my health.

Germany or Spain?

I love Germany!!!

Which song do you prefer these days?

I like Sia – Cheap Thrills.

Which three things would you take on a lonely island?

My board bag, bikinis and sexy boyfriend.

Single or in a relationship?


What do you do in your training that is key to your success?

I am not gonna share with you my secrets to win the next competition hehe. But next to kiteboarding it is very important to stay fit and be strong. Do a lot of exercises to avoid injuries and have power for those difficult tricks.

Meat or Vegetables?


Sweet popcorn or salty popcorn?


McDonalds or healthy food?

Haha, i hate McDonalds. I enjoy eating healthy.

What would you be today, if you were not an athlete?

I think I would still be an athlete as I love any kind of sports. But I think I would go a different way. Maybe I would be really good in athletics as I gave up this sport when I started with kitesurfing.

What makes you different from other athletes?

I think every athlete and every pro kitesurfer is special and unique in different way. That’s what makes us stands out from the crowd and be the best of the best. I think it could be my aggressive and powerful style what makes me different to other girls. But I think people that follow me or know me know what makes me special.

Beer or Wine?

Red wine.

Campervan or Hotel?

It depends where you go, but I think I prefer to stay in a hotel.

Get up early or sleep late?

I am an early bird.

Your hero and why?

I don’t think I have a hero. I try to push myself to be the one.

Your highlight at the German World Cup?

This event is actually one of my favorites. I enjoy the “German summer” it’s a little bit different than from all those exotic and hot places. I like the people and audience on the beach and the whole atmosphere of the event is just very good and supports us athletes to do even better.

Questions und Answers with Youri Zoon

How does (in your opinion) a perfect day looks like?

Have a gym in the morning, a sick kite session in the afternoon and a BBQ and drinks with friends in the night.

Three of your daily habits

Wake up, have coffee and go to the gym

Book or TV?


Germany or Spain?


Which song do you prefer these days?

All where there is a nice tune!

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Your place, directly at the event area

For the first time in the history of the Kitesurf World Cup, we can offer you a place to sleep directly at the event area. On our “Event-Campground” you can sleep in your camper van, vehicle or in a tent. You’ll find more information here.

The most important information you’ll find here:

When can I arrive/leave?

The earliest possible arrival is on Friday, 26.08.2016 at 08am. On Monday, 05.09.2016 till 11am the last one of you should have left the area.

What kind of tickets can I buy?

We offer you the ticket categories “Driver” and “Co-Driver”

The category “Driver” contains the following services: A parking space (ca. 30qm) on the Event-Campground for a vehicle or tent, the accreditation for one person, the free use of the sanitary facilities (showers and toilettes) and the visitor’s tax of Fehmarn (1,80€/day)

The category “Co-Driver” contains the following services: The accreditation of one person, the free use of the sanitary facilities (showers and toilettes) and the visitor’s tax of Fehmarn (1,80€/day)

One ticket is valid for the complete period of the Pringles Kitesurf World Cup.

How much is a ticket?

The “Diver” ticket costs 138,00€ (+7,20€ fee)

The “Co-Driver” ticket costs 72,00€ (+4,50€ fee)

How does the garbage disposal works?

Every buyer has to pay a so-called garbage deposit fee of 10€ and in return receives two garbage bags and two coupons. When you return a full garbage bag and a coupon, you will get 5€ back. You have to claim your money back until Monday, 05.09.2016 at 11am.

What sanitary facilities are at the Event Campground?

There will be enough showers and toilettes at the “Event-Campground” area.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Yes, bringing your own food and drinks to the “Event-Campground” area is allowed. On the regular event area glass bottles, bulk packs and beverage crates are forbidden. From 6pm it’s also forbidden to bring any kind of drinks to the event area.

Where can I find the Event-Campground?

Is there a night sleep?

From 11pm – 10am all “Event-Campground” visitors have to reduce any noise to room volume.

Whom do I contact in case of problems?

When you have a problem please contact the Event-Check-In on the event area. (Open from 09am – 6pm)

Can I hear my own music?

Using you own music system on the “Event-Campground” is principally allowed, but please make sure, that you don’t disturb other visitors or the event itself. From 22pm – 10am all “Event-Campground” visitors have to reduce any noise to room volume.

Bringing your own music system to the regular event area is forbidden.

Can we light up a fire or have a barbecue?

Owner of a regular ticket are allowed to have a barbecue on the “Event-Campground”. Open fires or campfires are forbidden. It’s just allowed to use a customary grill with ample ground clearance. Disposable grills are not allowed. Please take care, that you don’t bother other people with smoke, smell or fly ash and that you extinguish the grill when you are finished. It’s forbidden to throw the hot coal on the ground.

Can I leave and arrive at any time?

Yes, but just during the opening hours from 08am – 10pm. The rules of the Road Traffic Act and walking speed must be observed.

What should I pay attention to, when I am under 18?

Children and Adolescents below the age of 18 years shall not be permitted to attend the Event Campground unless they are accompanied by a Custodial Person or a Person with Parental Power. Alternatively Children and Adolescents below the age of 18 years shall be permitted if a declaration of consent of the legal guardian is available. In both cases a corresponding declaration in writing is necessary.

The rules and regulations of the Youth Protection Act apply.

Am I allowed to take pictures?

If you don’t have an official written permit/press accreditation you are not allowed to bring photo, film, video or other recording equipment which are obviously not only for private using.

Can I transfer my ticket to a third person?

The organizer generally accepts the transfer of Campground-Tickets to a third person, if

  • A ban on entering the event against the third person exists.
  • The ticket is transferred at a higher price than the regular price or it is commercial resale.
  • The sale was conducted through not authorized third persons, in particular online service providers or not authorized third person, in particular market places for ticket sales in the internet (e.g. eBay).

Is it allowed to bring a power set to the “Event-Campground”?

The operating of a power set (max. output cable 2KW) on the “Event-Campground” is basically allowed, when it’s safe to operate, when environmental damage are excluded and when the exhaust gases and the noise don’t offend other visitors. The operation of the power sets are only permitted between 10am – 10pm. It’s just allowed to bring five liter gas per car.

Am I allowed to bring my dog to the “Event-Campground”?

Bringing you dog, cat or other pets is just allowed when you have a written agreement from the organizer. When you have an agreement, you have to make sure that the dog is on lead and that loud music and a lot of people can stress your dog.

Is there a separated place for competitors?

No, competitors have to stay on the normal “Event-Campground”, too.

What kinds of vehicles are allowed?

The access road to the “Event-Campground” and the traffic is restricted to vehicle of 3,5t or less and 6m length. The regulations of the StVO apply.

Questions and Answers with Gisela Pulido

If you are interessted in kitesurfing it is nearly impossible, that you never heard her name. Since her first world championship title nine years ago, Gisela Pulido dominates the kitesurf scene and could collect nine more world championship titles. We are happy that she answered us some questions.

With whom do you want to change a day?

With Marc Marquez a Moto GP rider, so I can feel what he feels on top of the bike.

How does (in your opinion) a perfect day looks like?

To me a perfect day is waking up early full of energy after my bowl of fruits. Than going running approx. 10km and drinking a coffee with my friends, before I go for a kite session with 18-20 knots of poniente (west wind) with waves and flat water between the series with all the crew, and ending up with a nice sushi night.

Your biggest challenge in life?

Having a social life haha!

Book or TV?  


Germany or Spain?


Three of your daily habits…

Eat at least an apple, go to the gym and watch an episode of a series I like (Modern Family and now Game of Thrones season 6!)

Which song do you prefer these days?

Young Thug – Power

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Answer and Question with Sabrina Lutz

In the last week we presented you an interview with the French kitesurfer Paul Serin. In this week we talked to the best German female freestyler Sabrina Lutz, who gave us some interesting answers. So grab you a bowl of Açai with fruits and nuts and enjoy the interview.

Book or TV?


What would you be today, if you were not an athlete? 

I’ll probably be a sad person 😉

Beer or Wine?


Your hero and why?

Bettany Hamilton, because she got back to her passion „surfing“ after a loosing her arm by a shark attack!

Campervan or Hotel?


Which three things would you take on a lonely island?

Sunnies, kite equipment and my boy

Three of your daily habits?

Brushing my teeth, checking my cellphone, eating a small bowl of açai with fruits and nuts

Sweet popcorn or salty popcorn?

Salty, of course!

What makes you different from other athletes?

Every athlete is unique and has his own style, so am and do I.

Get up early or sleep late?


Which song do you prefer these days?

EFF – Stimme (extended mix)

Single or in a relationship?


Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle?


What do you do in your training that is key to your success?

Positive thinking, eating clean and good training off the water.

Your biggest challenge in life?

Kiting in Capetown in front of a shark.

Who is going to be champion of the World Cup in Germany?

I won’t tell you.. 😉 Visit us!

Your highlight at the German World Cup?

My 5th place in freestyle last year!

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