Question and Answers with Hannah Whiteley

With whom do you want to change a day?

A professional snowboarder. Would be so nice to have a proper winter lifestyle for a day.

How does (in your opinion) a perfect day looks like?

My idea of a perfect day is appreciating and taking every opportunity that day has brought you. For example if it’s a beautiful sunny day I want to get out there and enjoy it with family and friends. Whether it be kitesurfing, cycling, taking a walk, skating or having a picnic. Just enjoying the moment. I don’t believe there is such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing. So if it’s a rainy day get waterproofed up and have an adventure. Sometimes I like to go caving when it’s raining as all the water gushes into the cave and creates a very atmospheric feeling, a magical scary kind of feeling going down into the unknown. Being out in the elements weather it’s rain or shine makes me feel very much alive and free. Take each day with both hands and make it one to remember.
Your biggest challenge in life?

A 13 mile bike ride I did on a unicycle. It was up and down some massive hills! Was a very big challenge on unicycles! If you have ever been on a unicycle you will know going down a hill is even more tiring than going up a hill!

Book or TV?


Germany or Spain?


Which song do you prefer these days?

My song choice is always changing I have a wide taste in music. From current chart hits to more heavy rock.

Which three things would you take on a lonely island?

A knife, a hat and my boyfriend if that’s aloud!?

Single or in a relationship? 

Hehe, I’m really happy in my current relationship.

Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle?

I have never heard of any of those three things before! I’ll pick the last one though because it sounds funny!

What do you do in your training that is key to your success?

Keep it fun always, instead of doing the same strenuous routines in the gym I prefer to train by doing lots of different sports for example; rock climbing, calisthenics, swimming, cycling, yoga, gymnastics, skating. Training is so much more fun and beneficial if you are constantly learning new skills instead of repetitive gym workouts.

Meat or Vegetables? 


Sweet popcorn or salty popcorn?

Sweet popcorn

What would you be today, if you were not an athlete?

Possibly a professional skater it was always my second biggest passion. Or perhaps I would have my own painting and decorating/ interior design business as this is what I was doing before the kiting took over.

What makes you different from other athletes?

I guess my personality and strong passions for lots of other sports.

Beer or Wine? 


Campervan or Hotel? 


Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat? 

Instagram  @hannahwhiteleyofficial   😉

Get up early or sleep late?

Sleep late

Comedy- or horror film?


Your hero and why?

My Dad, Peter Whiteley. He has got me into every sport I do today. Not only has he encouraged and coached me through all my sports he also shreds at them all himself. It’s so much fun kiting with my Dad, we really push each other and there is always so much banter on and off the water, same for at the skate park etc. I just really look up to my Dad.

Your most awkward situation?

I was shopping with my Dad a while back and he asked a young lady at the cashier desk ’when is the little one was due?? Only she was NOT pregnant and did not even look pregnant!!  She was just wearing a slightly maternity style top. I could have died in embarrassment. I still cringe about it today! I have never been able to go back in that shop since, just in case she still works there!

Your highlight at the German World Cup?

I think the German World Cup is a great event. For starters it’s the biggest kitesurfing event of the year. There is lots’ happening a great atmosphere to be part of. One of my favorite things about the German World Cup is all the hundreds of spectators that are watching on the beach, no matter if it’s pouring down with rain or beautiful sunshine they are there in full force. It’s lovely to see so much positivity and enthusiasm on the beach. Thank you Germany!

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