The Mercedes-Benz Kitesurf Testival 2017

The move from “Grüner Brink” to Campingplatz Strukkamphuk

The kitesurf spot Campingplatz Strukkamphuk has a huge flat water area with enough space to land and start the kites and is a perfect territory to kite during west wind. Besides that, the spot has a great infrastructure – a big number of parking lots, a restaurant, a kiosk and enough toilettes. Another highlight: Near the testival area you will find the Campingplatz Strukkamphuk. So if you don’t want to lose time from getting up in the morning to going out of the water, the Campingplatz Strukkamphuk is the perfect possibility.

As you see, the complete package fits perfectly and will offer you a great testival feeling.

When you sleep on our Event-Campground or near the event area, you can use a free shuttle service daily from 09:30am to 06.30pm.

To borrow the equipment, you need a VDWS License Level 4 or a comparable qualification. If you don’t have this type of document, but you feel save on the water and have some experience, you have the possibility to present your skills to two coaches of the VDWS. They will check your skills in downwind kiting, controlling, holding the high and they want to see a basic halse. If you have enough experience that won’t be a problem. If the coaches agree, you can test the newest material for free – no matter if kites, boards or other equipment.

To make sure that you don’t lose the connection to the stars of the kitesurf scene, we are sure that the one or another pro rider will find his way to Campingplatz Strukkamphuk. So don’t forget your signature cards.

As you see, the Mercedes-Benz Kitesurf Testival offers everything, the kitesurf heart wants.

No idea where you are going to sleep? Check our Event-Campground and the Campingplatz Strukkamphuk.