Question and Answers with Hannah Whiteley

With whom do you want to change a day?

A professional snowboarder. Would be so nice to have a proper winter lifestyle for a day.

How does (in your opinion) a perfect day looks like?

My idea of a perfect day is appreciating and taking every opportunity that day has brought you. For example if it’s a beautiful sunny day I want to get out there and enjoy it with family and friends. Whether it be kitesurfing, cycling, taking a walk, skating or having a picnic. Just enjoying the moment. I don’t believe there is such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing. So if it’s a rainy day get waterproofed up and have an adventure. Sometimes I like to go caving when it’s raining as all the water gushes into the cave and creates a very atmospheric feeling, a magical scary kind of feeling going down into the unknown. Being out in the elements weather it’s rain or shine makes me feel very much alive and free. Take each day with both hands and make it one to remember.
Your biggest challenge in life?

A 13 mile bike ride I did on a unicycle. It was up and down some massive hills! Was a very big challenge on unicycles! If you have ever been on a unicycle you will know going down a hill is even more tiring than going up a hill!

Book or TV?


Germany or Spain?


Which song do you prefer these days?

My song choice is always changing I have a wide taste in music. From current chart hits to more heavy rock.

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The Kitesurf World Cup 2017 – Save the date

After its premiere in 2016, the Kitesurf World Cup will again take place on Fehmarn next year and will invite athletes and visitors to come to the Baltic Sea. And now, ladies and gentleman take out your calendars and sharp your pencils:

The Kitesurf World Cup 2017 will take place from 18. – 27. August 2017.

As last year, the world’s best kitesurfers will find their way to Fehmarn and will compete in the disciplines freestyle, slalom and foil. Aside the professionals, also hobby kiters and new starter have the chance to hit the water. The Kitelife Village will take place on the “Südstrand”, the Testival Area will be at Grüner Brink (ca. 15 minutes by car)

The Event-Campground will remain at the Kitesurf World Cup, too. Different to 2016, we will sell the “weekend tickets” a few weeks before the event. This way we can offer our fans and visitors, who working during the week, a better planning. If you are interested in staying in an apartment or hotel, you can contact the Tourismus-Service Fehmarn: 04371-506 333.

We are happy to see you again the next year and we are looking forward surpassing the number of 100.000 visitors and 125 competitors.