Questions and Answers with Annabel v. Westerop

In her youth, Annabel van Westerop won a silver medal in dressage riding at the world cup in Columbia, today, she is one of the best freestyler in the world and we are happy, that she answered our questions.

So turn on Catch and Release from Matt Simmons and enjoy the interview     

With whom do you want to change a day?

Anyone with an office job. I’d love to see how it feels to go to the office every day and then probably find out that it’s not for me 🙂

How does (in your opinion) a perfect day looks like?

An amazing kite session, hang out with some friends on the beach, and spend time with the family.

Your biggest challenge in life?

To think about the future 😉

Book or TV?


Germany or Spain?

Spain (sorry!)

Which song do you prefer these days?

Catch & Release

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Questions and Answers with Paula Novotná

Paula Novotná is one of the best kitesurfers in the Czech Republic and the current number two of the 2016 Clean Ocean Project Championship Tour. Novotná started kitesurfing when she was 14 and since that time she chose every possibility to go out on the water. In 2012 she became the junior freestyle champion, and in 2013 she celebrated her premiere at the PKRA World Tour.

23 days before the Pringles Kitesurf World Cup will open the gates, we asked her about her personal hero, who she thinks will be the next champion on Fehmarn and she told us in what situation she would like to have a sexy boyfriend…

With whom do you want to change a day?

With one of my best friends.

How does (in your opinion) a perfect day looks like?

I would wake up around 7-8, go for a nice morning run without wind. Than do a little yoga or stretching session. Enjoy nice and healthy breakfast. Do some emails, work and have the whole day reserved for some nice kite sessions and time with my friends on the beach and on the water. I enjoy going out for nice dinners, with friends and just enjoy life and be happy.

Your biggest challenge in life?

I think I still have to search for the biggest challenge. I would love to win a World Tour one day and land a double handlepass, what I am working on at the moment.

Book or TV?

I prefer TV. I am not so patient with a book in my hands.

Three of your daily habits?

I love to run or do yoga in the mornings.

I like to kite a lot, if it’s windy, you will find me playing in the ocean.

I like to eat healthy, make healthy food and take care of my health.

Germany or Spain?

I love Germany!!!

Which song do you prefer these days?

I like Sia – Cheap Thrills.

Which three things would you take on a lonely island?

My board bag, bikinis and sexy boyfriend.

Single or in a relationship?


What do you do in your training that is key to your success?

I am not gonna share with you my secrets to win the next competition hehe. But next to kiteboarding it is very important to stay fit and be strong. Do a lot of exercises to avoid injuries and have power for those difficult tricks.

Meat or Vegetables?


Sweet popcorn or salty popcorn?


McDonalds or healthy food?

Haha, i hate McDonalds. I enjoy eating healthy.

What would you be today, if you were not an athlete?

I think I would still be an athlete as I love any kind of sports. But I think I would go a different way. Maybe I would be really good in athletics as I gave up this sport when I started with kitesurfing.

What makes you different from other athletes?

I think every athlete and every pro kitesurfer is special and unique in different way. That’s what makes us stands out from the crowd and be the best of the best. I think it could be my aggressive and powerful style what makes me different to other girls. But I think people that follow me or know me know what makes me special.

Beer or Wine?

Red wine.

Campervan or Hotel?

It depends where you go, but I think I prefer to stay in a hotel.

Get up early or sleep late?

I am an early bird.

Your hero and why?

I don’t think I have a hero. I try to push myself to be the one.

Your highlight at the German World Cup?

This event is actually one of my favorites. I enjoy the “German summer” it’s a little bit different than from all those exotic and hot places. I like the people and audience on the beach and the whole atmosphere of the event is just very good and supports us athletes to do even better.

Questions und Answers with Youri Zoon

How does (in your opinion) a perfect day looks like?

Have a gym in the morning, a sick kite session in the afternoon and a BBQ and drinks with friends in the night.

Three of your daily habits

Wake up, have coffee and go to the gym

Book or TV?


Germany or Spain?


Which song do you prefer these days?

All where there is a nice tune!

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