Your place, directly at the event area

For the first time in the history of the Kitesurf World Cup, we can offer you a place to sleep directly at the event area. On our “Event-Campground” you can sleep in your camper van, vehicle or in a tent. You’ll find more information here.

The most important information you’ll find here:

When can I arrive/leave?

The earliest possible arrival is on Friday, 26.08.2016 at 08am. On Monday, 05.09.2016 till 11am the last one of you should have left the area.

What kind of tickets can I buy?

We offer you the ticket categories “Driver” and “Co-Driver”

The category “Driver” contains the following services: A parking space (ca. 30qm) on the Event-Campground for a vehicle or tent, the accreditation for one person, the free use of the sanitary facilities (showers and toilettes) and the visitor’s tax of Fehmarn (1,80€/day)

The category “Co-Driver” contains the following services: The accreditation of one person, the free use of the sanitary facilities (showers and toilettes) and the visitor’s tax of Fehmarn (1,80€/day)

One ticket is valid for the complete period of the Pringles Kitesurf World Cup.

How much is a ticket?

The “Diver” ticket costs 138,00€ (+7,20€ fee)

The “Co-Driver” ticket costs 72,00€ (+4,50€ fee)

How does the garbage disposal works?

Every buyer has to pay a so-called garbage deposit fee of 10€ and in return receives two garbage bags and two coupons. When you return a full garbage bag and a coupon, you will get 5€ back. You have to claim your money back until Monday, 05.09.2016 at 11am.

What sanitary facilities are at the Event Campground?

There will be enough showers and toilettes at the “Event-Campground” area.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Yes, bringing your own food and drinks to the “Event-Campground” area is allowed. On the regular event area glass bottles, bulk packs and beverage crates are forbidden. From 6pm it’s also forbidden to bring any kind of drinks to the event area.

Where can I find the Event-Campground?

Is there a night sleep?

From 11pm – 10am all “Event-Campground” visitors have to reduce any noise to room volume.

Whom do I contact in case of problems?

When you have a problem please contact the Event-Check-In on the event area. (Open from 09am – 6pm)

Can I hear my own music?

Using you own music system on the “Event-Campground” is principally allowed, but please make sure, that you don’t disturb other visitors or the event itself. From 22pm – 10am all “Event-Campground” visitors have to reduce any noise to room volume.

Bringing your own music system to the regular event area is forbidden.

Can we light up a fire or have a barbecue?

Owner of a regular ticket are allowed to have a barbecue on the “Event-Campground”. Open fires or campfires are forbidden. It’s just allowed to use a customary grill with ample ground clearance. Disposable grills are not allowed. Please take care, that you don’t bother other people with smoke, smell or fly ash and that you extinguish the grill when you are finished. It’s forbidden to throw the hot coal on the ground.

Can I leave and arrive at any time?

Yes, but just during the opening hours from 08am – 10pm. The rules of the Road Traffic Act and walking speed must be observed.

What should I pay attention to, when I am under 18?

Children and Adolescents below the age of 18 years shall not be permitted to attend the Event Campground unless they are accompanied by a Custodial Person or a Person with Parental Power. Alternatively Children and Adolescents below the age of 18 years shall be permitted if a declaration of consent of the legal guardian is available. In both cases a corresponding declaration in writing is necessary.

The rules and regulations of the Youth Protection Act apply.

Am I allowed to take pictures?

If you don’t have an official written permit/press accreditation you are not allowed to bring photo, film, video or other recording equipment which are obviously not only for private using.

Can I transfer my ticket to a third person?

The organizer generally accepts the transfer of Campground-Tickets to a third person, if

  • A ban on entering the event against the third person exists.
  • The ticket is transferred at a higher price than the regular price or it is commercial resale.
  • The sale was conducted through not authorized third persons, in particular online service providers or not authorized third person, in particular market places for ticket sales in the internet (e.g. eBay).

Is it allowed to bring a power set to the “Event-Campground”?

The operating of a power set (max. output cable 2KW) on the “Event-Campground” is basically allowed, when it’s safe to operate, when environmental damage are excluded and when the exhaust gases and the noise don’t offend other visitors. The operation of the power sets are only permitted between 10am – 10pm. It’s just allowed to bring five liter gas per car.

Am I allowed to bring my dog to the “Event-Campground”?

Bringing you dog, cat or other pets is just allowed when you have a written agreement from the organizer. When you have an agreement, you have to make sure that the dog is on lead and that loud music and a lot of people can stress your dog.

Is there a separated place for competitors?

No, competitors have to stay on the normal “Event-Campground”, too.

What kinds of vehicles are allowed?

The access road to the “Event-Campground” and the traffic is restricted to vehicle of 3,5t or less and 6m length. The regulations of the StVO apply.