Questions and Answers with Gisela Pulido

If you are interessted in kitesurfing it is nearly impossible, that you never heard her name. Since her first world championship title nine years ago, Gisela Pulido dominates the kitesurf scene and could collect nine more world championship titles. We are happy that she answered us some questions.

With whom do you want to change a day?

With Marc Marquez a Moto GP rider, so I can feel what he feels on top of the bike.

How does (in your opinion) a perfect day looks like?

To me a perfect day is waking up early full of energy after my bowl of fruits. Than going running approx. 10km and drinking a coffee with my friends, before I go for a kite session with 18-20 knots of poniente (west wind) with waves and flat water between the series with all the crew, and ending up with a nice sushi night.

Your biggest challenge in life?

Having a social life haha!

Book or TV?  


Germany or Spain?


Three of your daily habits…

Eat at least an apple, go to the gym and watch an episode of a series I like (Modern Family and now Game of Thrones season 6!)

Which song do you prefer these days?

Young Thug – Power

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