Interview with project leader Patrick Layer

The water sport event phase of ACT AGENCY, the organizer of the SUP, Kite and Windsurf World Cup, is over and it’s about time to look at the results. Therefore we spoke to Patrick Layer, who was the operative project leader of the Think Blue. Kitesurf World Cup.

Hey Patrick, before speak about the Kitesurf World Cup. Explain to us, what are you doing as operative project leader.

As operative project leader, I am responsible for the whole realization of the event. Beginning with budget-planning, the support of the sponsors, the communication with the venue, the human resources, the agreement with the PKRA up to the coordination of the different shareholder on site.

CAMP DAVID SUP World Cup Fehmarn Südstrand

Ok, let’s talk about the Kitesurf World Cup. Are you satisfied?

All in all I am really pleased with the event. The great sunshine and the comfortable temperatures conduced to success and even if we had some windless days, we are happy with the sportive results, too. Especially the second weekend when we could perform the single- and the double-elimination was perfect. The fact that we could present a new visitors record with 215.000 spectators is a sure sign that the Think Blue. Kitesurf World Cup was a big success.

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