Spanish domination in Brazil

At the world cup premier in Barra Grande/Brazil, the national language on the highest step of the podium was Spanish. And that two times.

At the last day of the Kitesurf World Cup in Brazil, who offers perfect weather conditions, the visitors could enjoy kite sports at its best. Especially the native athletes like Alex Neto and Bruna Kajiya showed that they wanted to get a place on the podium. Kajiya made her point, when she beats the nearly unbeatable overall rankings first Karolina Winkowska in the semi-final. In the final she had to compete with the record world champion Gisela Pulido, who could show better moves and relegated Kajiya on the second rank. Pulido from Spain could celebrate her third victory in the running PKRA World Tour.


The mens duels weren´t less exiting. The local heroes didn´t give anything away, but they couldn´t hit it. Carlos Mario passed out in the semi-final against Youri Zoon from the Netherlands, who slowly getting as good as he was before his big injury. In the final, Zoon competed with Liam Whaley, who could win the Single Elimination the days before. Because Whaley started a little nervous in the competition, Zoon could land some more trick and won the final. The overall victory in Brazil had to decide in a Super Final. After a high-class final, where both riders started a little nervous, it was Whaley´s youthful nonchalance, which brought him the victory.


With that results, both overall seconds, Gisela Pulido and Liam Whaley, could reduce the advance of Winkowska and Christophe Tack. The last two world cup in China will be pretty exciting.

On the road to recovery

Nearly one month ago, the German kitesurf professional Mario Rodwald badly got injured at the last day of the Think Blue. Kitesurf World Cup. “First I thought my board was broken, but then I realized, that it was my knee”, Rodwald said a few days after his accident. Final diagnosis: Cruciate rupture, which means the end of the running PKRA World Tour for him. After his surgery, 23-years old Rodwald started a rehab and work for his comeback. “Every day it´s getting better”, he said ”Thanks to all people which wished me getting well soon.” At the moment, nobody could say, when he could start to train on the water again, but he has a straight goal “Starting in the next World Cup again”.