Dragons cross St. Peter-Ording

Dreaded in the mythology, popular in St. Peter. In nearly 31 hours, we will see the first riders on the event stage of the Think Blue. Kitesurf World and four hours later, the band “Le Fly – St. Pauli Tanzmusik” will rock the beach. Beside thousands of visitors, some of the world’s best dragon conqueror will arrive on the peninsula to fight in the disciplines freestyle and slalom against each other. Instead of Siegfried, Sigurd or Beowulf, the heroes of the Kitesurf World Cup are called Christophe Tack, Alex Neto, Gisela Pulido and Karolina Winkowska. Next to their fight for fame and glory, the athletes will compete for important world ranking points and prize money of 47.000 euro. To present you more than awesome high-class sport action, we offer you numerous of side-events like pump track, stand up paddling, a High Sierra contest, slackline, skimboard and a BMX-show. The performance of great musicacts is obviously a sine qua non. In our kitelife village 29 different companies will present their latest products andyou will be allowed to test the whole equipment. You just need a passport, a kitesurf license and a harness.

To compensate the sportive offers, we arranged enough room to chill-out in our beach chairs and hammocks. Eventually you have to prepare for a night full of party. The entrance is free, you just need a valid guest ticket of St. Peter-Ording (3€/ person for a daily ticket).

So it´s best when you drive to the North Sea today, search for a good place to sleep and enjoy life during the next 10 days. Seeing high-class top-class sports and chilling out at the beach.

Germany’s best

While we look forward to see the international super stars like Christophe Tack, the record world champions Aaron Hadlow and Gisela Pulido, or the last time champion Marc Jacobs, entertaining us with their tricks, we also have a look at the German freestyler which will jump up high in the waves of the North Sea. While some of them still try to be a part of the world elite, some of the German rider already made it. We explain you, which German kiter you should keep an eye on.

Sabrina Lutz and Mario Rodwald from North Germany are two well-known rider in the kitesurf scene. Together they could win 19 national and international titles. The 23-year old Mario Rodwald for example, is two times European Tour freestyle champion. Sabrina Lutz could win the European championship last year. At the age of 10 Mario Rodwald from Rendsburg steered a kite for the first time and from this day on, he follows his idols Martin Vari (2x PKRA Freestyle world champion,) Andre Phillipp und Jaime Herraiz, who he met at his first competition in 2002. After five competitions he allocates the ninth rang in the PKRA overall ranking. Sabrina Lutz, who moved from Düsseldorf to Hamburg at the age of 4, just joined one world cup in the running season, where she made the 9th place. In the overall ranking she is on the 16th place. Last year the 25-years old with a Diplome in Fashion- and textile management became 6th in St. Peter-Ording. She surely wants to repeat this success this year. Linus Erdmann is considered as a big talent with great sportive potential. The 18-year old from Hamburg won his first German Junior Championship at the age of 15, which he could defend successfully in the last year. He also became European junior vice champion. After his participations at the world cups in France and Egypt, the sportive all-rounder, who is also skateboarding, snowboarding and x-race, allocates the 39th rank.

Without questions, Christine Bönniger is the German slalom queen. As the defending champion of the PKRA World Slalom Tour, she does everything to defend her title. Beside her big win in the PKRA Tour last year, the 1,63m small Bönniger from Kiel could celebrated three German championships and the title at the Kitesurf Tour Europe Couse Racing. In addition she probed in the snow that she doesn’t need water to kite successfully and became snow kiting European champion. After the first PKRA slalom competition in Podersdorf she made the third place. Since she didn’t take part at the competition on Fuerteventura, she now stays on the fifth rank. In St. Peter-Ording she wants to conquer the top, which she already filled in the IKA slalom world ranking. Two of the best male slalom riders are Gunnar “Chinatown” Biniasch and Florian Gruber. Currently Biniasch, who was born in Persia, is on the 10th place at the PKRA ranking and on the 5th place at the IKA. Gruber, who is 16 year younger than Biniasch, is standing just a few places behind him. However Gruber who is just 16 years old, could celebrate great successes in the past. For example in 2009, 2010 and 2011 he became “kitesurfer of the year”, won two German championships and became world champion in the last year. This duel certainly remains exciting.

This text gives a just short review about the favored German riders, who will fight for the win at the Think Blue. Kitesurf World Cup. But who knows, maybe another athlete will surprise us.


A XXL-cooperation

Just three day left before the Think Blue. Kitesurf World Cup will start and the organizational planning is now implemented. Materials handling, transport, side-events, kitelife village, music, party and the set up of to the event area. Everything is perfectly planned and organized. So far so good. On the 12 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide beach, where the kitesurf world cup will take place, just one thing dominates right now: sand. To change the soft underground to a functional area, we organized us a great support. Together with our event partner BAUMA GmbH, who allocates 4 wheel loader, one dumper and a telescope lift, we smooth a perfect event area.

The biggest challenge at the Think Blue. Kitesurf World Cup isn´t only the sand, it´s also the fight against water and wind. Which is a dangerous mix. Those who visited the world cup 2012 will remember that wearing gumboots became an obligation on some days, but together with our cooperation partner we will fix this problem, too. With the new machines it´ll be no problem to build up a defending wall in a few minutes. Looking at BAUMA´S huge product portfolio of 70 modern building machinery, we found something else we really needed. To guarantee the judges a perfect overview of the athletic competitions we selected a XXL dumper, on which we will build up a cabin for the judges.

The advantages of the cooperation with this traditional family business are obvious and so we didn’t hesitated to long and cooperated with the BAUMA GmbH in our other events (CAMP DAVID SUP World Cup auf Fehmarn and DAVIDOFF Cool Water Windsurf World Cup auf Sylt (26.09.-05.10.2014), too. Together with 60 years of experience the BAUMA GmbH have, we can ensure that we can realize all things we planned in theory. After the success of the CAMP DAVID SUP World Cup, we are looking forward to two other great events.

For those who have similar ideas, you can gather information at the BAUMA GmbH booth at the event site.

Core GTS3 boost e-up!

Creating energy from water, sun, ground heat and wind, isn’t something new. The decision to use this regenerative source of energy is a different kettle of fish. In the course of the Think Blue. iniative, our premium partner Volkswagen focuses on these environmentally friendly resources. Convenient to the kitesurf world cup where the athletes use the power of the wind to make awesome jumps, the car company from Wolfsburg, together with the kitesurf pros Lasse Girolstein and the German freestyle vice champion Nadine Reimers, undertook an experiment. Enjoyable temperatures and a moderate breeze with strength 4 bft. (20-28 km/h), welcomed both athletes. Armed with a Core GTS 3 kite, the two found their way to the wide North Sea beach. The challenge: Boost the 1,2 tons heavy electric car e-up! from Volkswagen, only with the power of wind. After an initial disappointment, Lasse adjusted the kite and the first electric car in serial production from Volkswagen started to move along. The power of wind was successfully proven! Until the first wind boosted vehicle will sail over the streets of Germany, Volkswagen is going to focus on their current series of environmentally friendly and electric cars, like the e-up! or the e-Golf, which will compete with the conventional cars.

Those who would like to know more about Volkswagen´s e-mobility concept should come to the Think Blue. Kitesurf World Cup. From 08.08. until 10.08.14, you can test the new electric cars and get some information’s at the Think Blue. stand.

Showdown at Fuerteventura

From 17.07. until 24.07.14, the fifth. stop of the PKRA World Tour took place on Fuerteventura and offered some exciting competitions. Freestyler and slalom rider found their way to the Canary Island, to compete against each other for the second time this season. Altogether 50 athletes joined the world cup and fought for ranking points and 60.000 USD price money. After Liam Whaley from Spain couldn’t win the last final in Egypt against the overall world rankings first Christophe Tack, he achieved victory this time, after a thrilling final. By winning Whaley is still on the 5th rank. Marc Jacobs currently ranked on second and Alex Neto, who is in third position in the overall rankings, “just” became fifth and sixth meaning that Tack could increases his leading position.

Winner of the women´s freestyle became world record champion Gisela Pulido from Spain. Karolina Winkowska took the second place. As a consequence, Winkowskas lead shrieked to 100 points. Annelous Lammerts from the Netherlands, became third in freestyle and could win the slalom competition. Julien Kerneur secured the win in the men´s slalom competition and Oswald Smith became second.

The Think Blue. Kitesurf World Cup will start on the 1st. of August, so the athlete’s don´t have a long time to relax and both athletes and visitors canlook foward to the next great event.

Favorites and statistics

Everybody knows that in sports, no matter if it is football, hockey or basketball, statistics are a popular way to predict results.aAnd statistics are also subjects of big discussions. Mathematics versus fortune. In this year we also took out our calculator and investigated the Kitesurf World Cup in St. Peter-Ording. The fact that the record winners of the World Cup in St.Peter-Ording Youri Zoon and Kevin Langeree were unable to show good results this season make the predictions of this year’s Kitesurf World Cup even more interesting.In addition the statistic show, that the current frontrunner Christophe Tack couldn’t celebrate any big success in St. Peter-Ording.

At his World Cup debut in Germany at the age of 16, Tack , only managed to finish in 25thspot. Six years later he could accomplish his best result of the competition in sixth place.

Compared to Tack, Marc Jacob has a shorter history of German World Cups. In 2011 he participated for the first time and since then he came on the 5th place on average. Differently to Tuck he could win the World Cup in St. Peter-Ording after his third try. The current third in the overall world ranking, Alexandre Neto, just participant two times and didn’t get better than 17th place.


Last time champion Marc Jacobs

Statistically, the winners of the women´s competition have been determined. The current top 3 of the PKRA World Tour are also the most successful trio in St. Peter in history. Having participated 5 times, record champion Gisela Pulido came 1,6 place on average, Karolina Winkowska and Bruna Kajiya “just” averaged 2,3 place.


Statistically the best: Gisela Pulido

The two German riders Mario Rodwald and Sabrina Lutz also show great statistics. Sabrina Lutz from Hamburg takes 7th place on average at her three attendances. Mario Rodwald, who first competed at the age of 16 and straightaway finished up 5th, has even a better statistic than Christophe Tack. The fifth rank was his best position and he placed 10th on average. Two places better than Tack.

Generally, for statistic friends and skeptics, numbers are just numbers, create in a mathematical game, but when the Think Blue. Kitesurf World Cup 2014 ends, we will know whether you can read a little bit of the future from numbers of the past.

Boisterous party in St. Peter

Weather hip hop, dance, house or electro, we got it all. One week before the biggest kitesurf event in the world starts, we organized you a broad range of live- acts and DJ´s. To offer you a lot of variety, we invited acts from different genres to St. Peter-Ording, who will rock you on both weekends (01.-03 / 06. -08. August).

The band Le Fly – St. Pauli Tanzmusik will kick off the world cup and will give the starting signal for 10 days of action, sport and party. Their music style?! Difficult to explain. Together they produce a mix of rock, hip hop, reggae, metal, funk, ska and so on, which they bring together in a perfect way.

On Saturday (02.08) we will present you great German hip hop from the guys of BEGINNER SOUNDSYSTEM, who will entertain you with hard beats and smart lyrics.

For Thursday we organized you Stadt-Strand-Lust SCHWERELOSIGKITE Sundowner with DJ Toni Tress, who juggles perfectly with the music styles of house and electro and creates unique music. A visit on the dance floor is a must. One day later, THE DISCO BOYS will take over the control of entertainment. With their mix of disco-classics and modern house songs, they boost great songs which encourage you to sing along and dance.

On the last day of the Think Blue. Kitesurf World Cup we are going to party even harder. DJ Elvin Addo, a famous DJ in the party scene of Hamburg, will flood the beach with a perfect mix of uplifting, electro and progressive house. If that doesn’t cheer you up to party, we can´t help it.

Previously on the PKRA Slalom World Tour

The Think Blue. Kitesurf World Cup isn’t just the biggest event of its kind, it is also the only German Stop of the PKRA World Tour. In addition it is one of the few events, beside the world cups in Fuerteventura and China, where a freestyle and a slalom competition is held.

After the stops in Panama, Dakhla, France, Egypt and Fuerteventura (19.07-24.07.2014), the Think Blue. Kitesurf World Cup will be the 6th stop for freestyler this season. For the slalom rider it will be “just” the third stop. The slalom season started in Podersdorf in Austria. As expected, the victory and the biggest portion of the 10.500€ price money and world ranking points, went to the US-American Bryan Lake. The best German rider was Gunnar Biniasch who could the 7th rank.


In the ladies competition, Katja Roose from the Netherlands could spring a surprise and became 1st. The third place went to the reigning champion Christine Bönninger from Kiel. Since there are only 5 slalom world cups this season, a win becomes even more important.

Always these rules…


Quelle: Tourismus-Zentrale St. Peter-Ording

Not a lot of organizers get the possibility to present an event in a wilderness nature and we are proud that we can do it for the 9th time in a row. To make sure that we can offer you such a great water sport event in a beautiful landscape in future, we need your help.

Ok, we admit that it sound inviting, to go just a few meters to your tent after our beach party is over, and lighting up a fire and party on, but in deference to the nature and the residents it´s not allowed. Finally nobody wants to endanger a little tern chicken, which is attracted by the lightning of fire or dropped crumbles. Therefore we want ask you to use one of the numerous public camping grounds.

And don’t worry, even when you are not this near to the event area, also the next day we would be still there and greet you with the next party. Promised!