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Red Sea Kitesurf World Cup / Photo Credit: Toby Bromwich PKRA

Red Sea Kitesurf World Cup / Photo Credit: Toby Bromwich PKRA

A few days ago the Red Sea Kitesurf World Cup ended and despite of some minor starting problems it was a memorable competition. Especially the men´s final was really exciting. The 17-years old Liam Whaley from Spain won nine heats in a row and fought his way from the bottom to the top. Just in the final, after a great battle between him and Christophe Tack, he lost. Tack now won three of four PKRA World Cups and is a deserved number one. The women´s competition didn’t offer any surprise. The PKRA overall rankings first, Karolina Winkowska dominated the field from the beginning and could win the final against Gisela Pulido without any problems.

Gewinner Red Sea Kitesurf World Cup

Winner Red Sea Kitesurf World Cup

Beside the sportive highlight, the visitors could enjoy a nice entertainment program. Stand up paddling, beach surfing, slackline, volley ball…the opportunities for sportive visitors was great. And for those visitors who just wanted to relax or take a cool drink at the beach bar, the kitesurf world cup also created enough possibilities. In addition every event day ended up with a big beach party, where athletes and visitors celebrated together. The performance of the musician Cosmo Klein was definitely one of the highlights.

The fifth stop of the freestyle PKRA World Tour will take place in middle of July in Fuerteventura. Two weeks later the athletes will come to Germany, to join the biggest kitesurf event in the world in St. Peter-Ording.

Interview with Thomas Burblies

Thomas Burblies

Thomas Burblies

„Nowadays it isn’t hard to learn kitesurfing anymore”

In nearly six month the Kitesurf World Cup will start in St. Peter-Ording and some of the world´s best kitesurfer will entertain us with some amazing tricks. Sometimes at a height of 16 feet. While watching the spectacular action most of the viewer can’t image to do this sport themselves. Thomas Burblies believes that it was never so easy to learn how to kite than today.
We spoke to him about his claim:

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Chapter 9: The World Cup returns

Girls having fun

In 2006 some of the world´s best kitesurfer started for the first time at the bay of St. Peter-Ording and initiated a story of success. On August 1st the Think Blue. Kitesurf World Cup in St. Peter-Ording, which is by now has become the world´s biggest watersport event, will go for the next round and we can promise: it´s getting bigger. Compared to the previous year, the field of riders will increase again and we now expect more than 140 riders of 30 different countries.

During the competitions, the rider will be support by 180.000 lifestyle and trend sport interested visitors, with the number of visitors going up every year. The sportive competition isn’t the only anpect why these large numbers of visitors find their way to St. Peter-Ording. The Think Blue.  Kitesurf World Cup also presents a high-class entertainment program with a mix of beach-feeling, music, kitesurf testival and different side-events. A cooperation with the German radio station N-Joy enabled us to present some great German music acts like Silbermond or Jan Delay on our event stage in the past. The party feeling is guaranteed.

All in all you can be sure that we work really hard to create yet another unforgettable event this year.